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Italian Food: Stay Classy While Embracing Modernity

Characterized by its unique flavor and simplicity, Italian food has grown to be one of the most beloved cuisines around the world. Because each of the twenty Italian regions has its own tastes and recipes, Italian cuisine is known for its diversity. Moreover, as with any other cuisine, food is dynamic – it constantly evolves and changes. Due to its international popularity, significant social and economic alterations have occurred with regard to how the cuisine is cooked and consumed. Regardless of these changes and differences, Italian cuisine proves itself to be one of the best and classiest in the world.

Despite all the changes in the cuisine since its inception in the fourth century BCE up to its continuously mounting fame and adaptation in the modern era, some Italian pasta classics remain as all-time favorites.

One of these favorites is Spaghetti, a staple Italian food that originated from the Naples region of Italy. Typically made from flour and water, spaghetti is cooked by boiling the pasta al diente. It is then served with tomato sauce, spices, and various vegetables, often with grated cheese sprinkled on top. Spaghetti can also be prepared as amatriciana or carbonara. Aside from these, several variations of spaghetti dishes had been developed around the world. For example, in the United States, Spaghetti is served with Bolognese sauce, and chili con carne or meatballs.

Another staple is the Lasagna, the wide, flat-shaped pasta we have known and loved. Traditionally layered with choice of meat, eggs, assorted cheeses, and sauce, this old-as-time pasta dish is prepared through baking. Of course, a vegetarian adaptation filled with veggies and cheese in place of meat is still as tasty as the traditional dish.

Lastly, another well-loved pasta dish is the ravioli. It resembles a dumpling with filling sealed between two layers of pasta dough. This typically square-shaped pasta is usually served with broth or with pasta sauce. As with other kinds of pasta, variations of the ravioli have emerged due its wide popularity. Now, circular and semi-circular-shaped ravioli are also available.

Similar with Italian food, Español Italian Restaurant’s nine decades of excellence reflects its resilience as it embraces modern changes while staying rooted to its classic origins.

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