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Family Style Dining: Quality Time Spent With A Quality Meal

What better way to spend quality time with loved ones than doing it with a meal in the manner of family style dining? There is more to food than just the enjoyment of the flavors itself; a delicious Italian cuisine can be the centerpiece of life long memories created among a family. With the importance of family and love being deeply woven into the Italian culture, family dining allows for all cultures, families, or friends to experience such an admirable trait the Italian’s values so highly. With the hustle and bustle of life making it difficult for people to be able to relax nowadays, time spent with loved ones are moments to be cherished. Let Español’s family style dining provide a delicious meal to go along with well-deserved quality time with others.

The history of family dining has been found to go back to many years ago. At least 300,000 as the National Geographic found. It allows us to build relationships, share laughter, and count the blessings life has to offer with others. Coming together to share a meal can instill family values among the young that will carry on through tradition for years to come. Español would gladly love to be a part of such a great tradition. The Italian restaurant takes pride in the fact that they are “not just family style, they are family.”

Español offers endless options when it comes to their family style dining experience. With options ranging from mouth-watering pastas, to hearty filled raviolis, to rich lasagna, to savory meats; it is just about guaranteed that Español will give nothing short of what they describe as a “feast.” Along side the countless options of tasteful entrees, a choice of an appetizer and dessert is included with the “4-Course Family Style Dining.” Being it’s own little Italy in Sacramento, Español stays true to the Italian culture not only with this style of dining being offered, but by the quality, heart, and freshness each plate is prepared with.

From their family to yours, Español welcomes you into their restaurant to enjoy a 4-Course Family Style meal that will surely leave you satisfied. Check out their menu for specifics that are offered.

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