Family Style

Real Family Dining

Food connects people. Food connects family. At Español Italian Restaurant, we provide an environment for the family to connect and catch up while feasting on an extensive menu of Italian specialties. Every family style meal feels like a celebration with our endless choices of Italian cuisine.

Every item on Español Italian’s menu is made on-site, from scratch, using fresh ingredients. Unlike most restaurants, when you order our entrées, we serve you a complete meal, which includes a tureen of Minestrone Soup or Friday’s Clam Chowder, green salad with our homemade dressings, an entrée, pasta, your choice of dessert, and a coffee or iced tea to top it all off. For generations, we have proven that we offer the best value in the Sacramento Area.

Moreover, enjoy a unique dining experience as you journey into the past with us. Every bite is an adventure as families step back in time together. Our decorations are meticulously crafted to maintain the restaurant’s rich history and early beginnings. Leave your worries behind and celebrate with us as we transport you to another world.

At Español Italian Restaurant, we are not just family style. We are family. We are home.

Lunch Menu


Whether you are looking for a quick bite or craving a 4-course meal in the heart of Sacramento, Español Italian Restaurant is the place to go. From a la carte sandwiches to hearty platters of entrée and pasta, the choice is up to you.
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Dinner Menu


What better way to cap off your day than with a satisfying meal in a relaxing environment? Dinner will never be the same once you have tried our delicious, full course feast.
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Full Bar

Not only do we provide you with a satisfying lunch, we could also mix you a happy drink that will make you stay until dinner – with our classy ambience, smooth cocktails, and well-stocked bar!
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To Go Menu


Whether you want to enjoy a quiet meal in the privacy of your home or you’re hosting a unique Italian dinner, our to-go service is the go-to option. Español-Italian Restaurant also offers catering services that are perfect for your parties and celebrations. Complete Lunch and Dinner Menus Available.
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